All Boarding drop off and pick ups are by appointment only.

Boarding drop off / pick up times : Monday – Saturday 9am -3pm, Sunday 9-10am – 4-5pm.

** Our staff is here caring for your pets outside of these Office Hours **

If you are needing to drop off/pick up before or after these times, please inform us during booking so we can make accommodations. Thank you

$39 Little Joe Suite – 4ft x 6ft Perfect for small to medium size dogs $25 Additional Pet

$49 Silver Dollar Suite – 4ft x 8ft Great for larger dogs or smaller to medium multiple dog families. $25 Additional Pet

$55 Big Hoss Suite – 6ft x 8ft Spacious for large dogs or medium multiple dogs families $30 Additional Pet

$65 Bonanza Suite – 12ft x 12ft Great for a big dog family that needs plenty of room $40 Additional Pet – $20 for 3rd and 4th pet

$15 Late check out fee (applied after 3:00pm)

There is a 2 night minimum for stays. Exceptions may be considered for a $25.00 fee.


Daycare is always supervised with our staff in safe play groups. We only commingle dogs in play groups that have the correct temperament to play well with others. All play groups are accompanied by 2, or more, staff members, with groups ranging from two to six dogs per group.

Grooming Services

Baths are available upon request during your pets stay.

Rules and Reminders

  • All dogs must be leashed entering and exiting the building.
  • Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations are required, along with a Heartworm and Flea/Tick prevention.
  • All kibble shall be separated individually (per meal), to ensure that enough food is provided for the duration of your pet’s stay. Rule of thumb: 5 lbs bag of food equals approximately 20 cups. If feedings are not pre bagged for your pet/s stay, our staff will bag all feedings to ensure they have enough food. This will result in a charge of $1 per meal per pet. This does NOT apply for canned or wet food. If your pet free feeds please inform us of that information during your booking process so we can give you further instructions.
  • Please feed your pet breakfast if prior to dropping off.
  • To help us keep our kennel and office space clean, please ensure that your pet has used the bathroom in the approved areas prior to entering our facility.
  • Boarding check-ins before 9am will include a $20 fee
  • Please inform your emergency contact, or approved persons, to arrange pick up if you are unable to pick up before our office is closed.
  • Any and all questions, please reach out to us by phone.

Attention when booking a boarding stay. Please inform our staff if your pet participates in Daycare, Boarding and or Grooming at another facility. We want to keep all of our furry friends safe and healthy during their stay with us which is why this screening process is important.

Download our Pet information paperwork to save you some time during check in. You can always get your Veterinarian office to email your pets records straight to us too.

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